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Tie-Up with Import/Export Company

EGL is having tie-up with the IndianOil Petronas Pvt. Ltd. (IPPL) for using Import/Export Terminal of IPPL. IPPL has a cumulative of 68,100 MT of Propane, Butane & LPG (Product) Storage Capacity. The  product is sources from international suppliers and it has tie-ups with them providing uninterrupted assured supply of meeting international standards to produce various mixes of LPG / Propane / Butane, meeting the requirements of industries. The fully automated terminals at Ennore & Haldia with the most sophisticated technology has been recognized as a potential source of Auto LPG of the region and a Special approval for Blending of imported Propane & Butane to produce and market Auto LPG was granted by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Govt. of India on 4th November, 2004. IPPL is equipped to manufacture and supply products ranging from Straight run Imported Propane, Straight run Imported Butane with varying mix of Iso and Normal, Straight run LPG with varying mix of Propane and Butane, Hydrogenated C4 Mix, Automotive LPG and Zero Mercapatan LPG for aerosols, and within a short span of time has established itself as a natural source of fuel for industries focusing on heat treatment through Sealed Quenched Furnaces, Rotary Furnaces, Pit Type Gas Carburizing Furnaces, Induction Hardening Machines, Endo Gas Generator for Annealing, Normalizing through case hardening, Carburizing, Carbo-nitriding and Induction Hardening heat treatment processes.

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Maintaining Persistent Growth

Maintain persistent growth to consolidate its position in the face of stiff competition in the market. In 2014-15, Company has achieved a substantial growth.

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Licensed and Certified

Test certificates for assuring the quality of LPG / Propane and Butane as per IS norms along with sealed packed LPG cylinder.

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Own Transport Facilities

Own transport facilities with own fleet of 7 vehicles and 35 transporter/clients vehicles for direct supply of bulk products to its clients.

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Key Features

Own Transport Facilities for Bulk customers Quality Assurance Timely Delivery High Purity Gases Supplier Fair International Pricing Licensed and Certified Maintaining Persistent Growth BSE Traded Shares

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LPG, Propane, Ammonia, Butane

Eastern Gases Limited – Welcomes you!!

Eastern Gases Limited is a well known name in the Private LPG, Propane, Ammonia & Butane World in India as a fuel supplier to various reputed company in industrial houses. EGL was incorporated in 1995 under company’s Act 1956 to deal in LPG and other allied products in 1998. In the year 2002, EGL entered into strategic partnership with IPPL (Joint venture of IOCL & Petronas), since then it is continuously catering to the needs of the big industrial houses.

EGL deals in LPG, Propane, Butane and Ammonia for industrial and commercial usage. We are a “single-point source” for a packed LPG under our own brand name “East Gas”. We believe in long term relationship rather than short term profits.

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LPG, Propane, Ammonia, Butane – Filling Process

Quality Products



  • Bulk Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  • Packed Commercial & Domestic LPG
  • Propane
  • Butane
  • Aerosol LPG
  • Auto LPG
  • Liquid Ammonia
  • Additional services (Facility Construction, Testing,etc)
  • Lubricants – Coming Soon

Our Strengths

Eastern Gases Limited- Bullet




  • IS Products
  • Strategic partnership with IPPL
  • Continuous Supply
  • Own & Dedicated Transport Faciilties
  • Shares Traded at BSE
  • High Quality LPG/Propane Supplier
  • Fair Pricing as per International Standards
  • Maintain Persistent Growth
  • Renowned & Established Co.

Our Commitment








  • Creativity and Integrity
  • Timely Delivery
  • Commitment
  • Belief smooth relationship
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Full Customer Satisfaction
  • Transparent Deal
  • Pioneering technology
  • Training programs
  • Testing of facility