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LPG Dealership (PAN India)

We at EGL believe in establishing long term relationship through appointment of Dealers across India. By offering LPG Dealership Opportunity we are now reaching to every household, offices, commercial units in India. We believe in creating win-win situation throughout our network by providing excellent support and training as and when required. LPG Dealership Eligibility Criteria Below are the indicative eligibility criteria for allocation of East gas dealership:- EASTGAS Read More...

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Tie-Up with Import/Export Company

EGL is having tie-up with the IndianOil Petronas Pvt. Ltd. (IPPL) for using Import/Export Terminal of IPPL. IPPL has a cumulative of 68,100 MT of Propane, Butane & LPG (Product) Storage Capacity. The  product is sources from international suppliers and it has tie-ups with them providing uninterrupted assured supply of meeting international standards to produce Read More...

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Maintaining Persistent Growth

Maintain persistent growth to consolidate its position in the face of stiff competition in the market. In 2014-15, Company has achieved a substantial growth.

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Licensed and Certified

Test certificates for assuring the quality of LPG / Propane and Butane as per IS norms along with sealed packed LPG cylinder.

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Own Transport Facilities

Own transport facilities with own fleet of 7 vehicles and 35 transporter/clients vehicles for direct supply of bulk products to its clients.

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Key Features

Own Transport Facilities for Bulk customers Quality Assurance Timely Delivery High Purity Gases Supplier Fair International Pricing Licensed and Certified Maintaining Persistent Growth BSE Traded Shares

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What is Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) ?

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is colourless, odourless liquid which readily evaporates into a gas. Normally odour is added to it to help detect leakage. This is a combination of Propane (chemical formula C3H8) and Butane (chemical formula C4H10), either stored separately or together as a mix. When blend together, it becomes flammable hydrocarbon gas which can be used in various application such as for cooking, heating, alternate to vehicle fuel,etc. It is one of the cleaner & cheaper fuel available today.


Properties of LPG:

  1. Colourless.
  2. Odourless. (But for detection of leakage it is normal to odorize LPG by adding an odorant prior to supplying it to the user).
  3. Highly Flammable.
  4. Heavier than air.
  5. Half the weight of water (approx.).
  6. Non toxic but can cause asphyxiation.
  7. LPG expands upon release and 1 liter of liquid will form approximately 250 liters of Vapor.


  Butane Propane
Relative density of liquid at 15 C 0,57 to 0,58 0,50 to 0,51
Imperial gallons/ton at 15 C 385 to 393 439 to 448
Liter/tonne at 15 C 1 723 to 1 760 1 965 to 2 019
Relative density of gas compared with air at 15 C and 1 013,25 mbar 1,90 to 2,10 1,40 to 1,55
Volume of gas (liters) per kg of liquid at 15 C and 1 013,25 mbar 406 to 431 537 to 543
Volume of gas (ft3) per lb of liquid at 60ƒ F and 30 in Hg 6,5 to 6,9 8,5 to 8,7
Boiling point at atmospheric pressure C approx. -2 -45
Vapour pressure for products at their maximum specified Vapour pressure (gauge): Vapour pressure for products at their maximum specifiere Temp. C -40 -18 0 15 38 45 Bar – * 0,9 1,93 4,83 5,86 Bar 0,5 2,3 4,5 6,9 14,5 17,6
Latent heat of vaporization (kJ/kg) at 15 C 372,2 358,2
Latent heat of vaporization (Btu/lb) at 60ƒ F 160 154
Specific heat of liquid at 15 C (kJ/kg C) 2,386 2,512
Sulphur content per cent weight Negligible to 0,02 Negligible to 0,02
Limits of flammability (percentage by volume of gas in a gas-air mixture to form a combustible mixture) Upper 9,0 Lower 1,8 Upper 10,0 Lower 2,2
Calorific Values: Gross: (MJ/m3) dry (Btu/ft3) dry (MJ/kg) (Btu/lb) Net: (MJ/m3) dry (Btu/ft3) dry (MJ/kg) (Btu/lb) 121,8 3 270 49,3 21 200112,9 3 030 45,8 19 700 93,1 2 500 50,0 21 50086,1 2 310 46,3 19 900
Air required for combustion (m3 to burn 1 m3 of gas) 30 24

We at Eastern Gases Ltd, believe in providing Quality based LPG.

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