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LPG Dealership (PAN India)

We at EGL believe in establishing long term relationship through appointment of Dealers across India. By offering LPG Dealership Opportunity we are now reaching to every household, offices, commercial units in India. We believe in creating win-win situation throughout our network by providing excellent support and training as and when required. LPG Dealership Eligibility Criteria Below are the indicative eligibility criteria for allocation of East gas dealership:- EASTGAS Read More...

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Tie-Up with Import/Export Company

EGL is having tie-up with the IndianOil Petronas Pvt. Ltd. (IPPL) for using Import/Export Terminal of IPPL. IPPL has a cumulative of 68,100 MT of Propane, Butane & LPG (Product) Storage Capacity. The  product is sources from international suppliers and it has tie-ups with them providing uninterrupted assured supply of meeting international standards to produce Read More...

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Maintaining Persistent Growth

Maintain persistent growth to consolidate its position in the face of stiff competition in the market. In 2014-15, Company has achieved a substantial growth.

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Licensed and Certified

Test certificates for assuring the quality of LPG / Propane and Butane as per IS norms along with sealed packed LPG cylinder.

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Own Transport Facilities

Own transport facilities with own fleet of 7 vehicles and 35 transporter/clients vehicles for direct supply of bulk products to its clients.

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Key Features

Own Transport Facilities for Bulk customers Quality Assurance Timely Delivery High Purity Gases Supplier Fair International Pricing Licensed and Certified Maintaining Persistent Growth BSE Traded Shares

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Auto LPG


Auto LPG can be referred to as “Alternate Fuel”, which is same as domestic LPG. Both are same in every manner like in Chemical composition, extraction process, etc.

The only differences are:-

  • Auto LPG doesn’t contain hydrocarbons (smell concern).
  • Varying in Propane and Butane percentage.

It is a clean, high octane, abundant and Eco-friendly fuel having common named as Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). It is the third most popular automotive fuel in the world. Approximately half of all the Auto Gas-fueled passenger vehicles are in the five largest markets Turkey, South Korea, Poland, Italy, and Australia. It is widely used as a “green” fuel, as it decreases exhaust emissions. Particularly, it reduces CO2 emissions around 25% compared to petrol.

Compared to petrol, vehicles running on AutoLPG emit around 12% less CO2 and around 30% less oxides of nitrogen (NOx), Hydrocarbons (HC) and carbon monoxide (CO). Compared to diesel there is around 90% less NOx, 1/50th of particulates and only 1/500th of the ultra fine particles.

The main air quality pollutants of concern in the India are particulates and NOx where in Central Delhi and Mumbai road traffic causes 93% of all particulate emissions and 58% of all NOx emissions. Department of Health statistics show that particulates are responsible for several thousand advanced deaths each year and many thousands of instances of illness and reduced activity. AutoLPG engines are 50% quieter than diesel engines and thus keep a check on noise pollution.

Petrol at 1L Auto LPG at 1.3L
 CO2 Emission on Burning 2.3 Kg 2 Kg


 Why Auto LPG? :-

Fuel Cost Savings
Excellent Performance
Good Operational Range And Fuel Availability
Environment Friendly
Security And Safety


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